About us

About us

Our Goal: To Offer A Robust Alternative to Existing Management System Choices.

A unique and talented team of agency owners and developers have joined forces to accomplish that singular goal. Powerful yet quick and easy to learn with attention paid to what your agency needs to grow using today's technology.

A truly ‘disruptive’ design with many features not currently available from todays alternative systems. Brighter days are ahead!

  • A unique capability of scheduling, assigning, and tracking workflows so that functions (renewals, new-business processing and claims tracking, etc.) become second-nature and self-documenting processes.
  • Data control granularity allows agency management to determine who has authority to insert, edit, view, or report any information.
  • AgencyTrak monitors and records all changes on every data point in an environment that allows those with proper security to see who did what, when and where.
  • Non-standard forms can be created internally and shared with other agencies.

And much, much more in process - stop in again to learn more about AgencyTrak - we think you will be impressed!

Mac and Windows
Mobile and tablet friendly

Encrypted data storage
and transmission